Lifetime Adjustments For All!

Lifetime Adjustments

Want to get the Lifetime Adjustments every Bonzai Customer gets when they buy a bike... But you didn't buy your bike from Bonzai? Well, NOW you can!

Lifetime Adjustments are equivalent to our $60 tune up which you can get any time and as often as you need it. Never pay for a basic tune up again. Usually the Lifetime Adjustments are in and out same day, most cases while you wait if its a simple tweak.

What does it include?

Safety Check
Adjusting Brakes
Adjusting Derailleurs
True wheels on the bike (make sure they are straight)
Inflate tires
Check for and tighten loose parts
Wipe the bike down
Lubricate the chain
---It does NOT include parts or labor to install parts.

What does this awesome sauce cost me? I'm glad you asked!

If you bought a bike from us? Its FREE!

--Didn't buy a bike from us? $150 per bike--

When does this deal expire? Never! $150 gets you basic tune ups for the life of the bike you bought it for.

Come on by the shop and get your new rig ready for miles of smiles.