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Brian Buell - OwnerBrian Buell

Owner, Sales, Service, Marketing, Webmaster, Accounting, Receiving, Ordering, Reviewer/Blogger – Anything and everything

Why do you ride:
I ride to get back with nature, view the world the way it was intended, outside. Allows me to stay fit and push my own personal limits. I always think better on the bike also.

What is your favorite trail:
Marion Sansom Park. It has so much to offer in the DFW area. It is easily the best trail around. It’s not for the new riders, Go with someone who has been. But PLEASE, ride it enough to be able to enjoy every aspect of this fantastic trail, you won’t be disappointed.

What bike(s) do you ride:
2016 Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 2 with ©Built by Bonzai NOX Composite Kitsuma rims laced to Onyx hubs and SRAM Eagle XO1.

Why that bike:
I may own a bicycle shop and as much as I love bikes, I love having 1 bike, the right tool for any job. I don’t have to re-adjust between a cross country rig, all mountain rig, single speed etc. Just like my Subaru, It lets me go anywhere and do anything on any trail. I’m never lacking in what the bike can handle and am constantly surprised at what it can handle or how much more it wants to be pushed. It climbs like a Cannondale Trigger, descends like a downhill rig. Super comfy for an all day ride on any terrain. Light and nimble enough for the cross country circuit. Its simply...Bad Ass.

What is your next bike:
2017 Cannondale Slate. A go anywhere do anything road/gravel/cross bike. I love having one bike I can do multiple things with.

“Claim to fame”:
I was the guy who launched off the water gardens in Fort Worth on a downhill bike multiple times, cleared the staircase set by the court house and the 2 sets of stairs in front of the sorority house at TCU… in a Hawaiian shirt… and a Monkey (Bonzai) strapped to my handlebars. Those experiences taught me to stare fear in the face, understand the risks, then forget its even there. However, I still know my limits.

What is your expertise:
I am a jack of all trades (web design, video creator/editor, image design, marketing, mobile geek, tech junkie, construction, fabrication, welder, electrician, plumber, writer, among many more), Master of one – Bicycle maintenance. Anything suspended fascinates me with how it works, the pivots, angles. How it all comes together to give you the ride of your life.

Anything else?
I may not win, I may not place… But I’ll make this bike look good and have a great time doing it!

“Create an image of who you want to become... Live into that image as if it were true.” Arnold schwarzenegger