Built By Bonzai

Built By Bonzai is our way of letting you in on the inner workings of the bicycle mechanics' brain. Setting up a bicycle with components we want to ride in a package you can afford! We simply love dreaming up new bicycle builds, creating something that didn't exist before. Everyone deserves a one of a kind ride, without having to pay for the one of a kind price.

We first source a bicycle that is already unique by itself and has small parts we can easily re-use or resell on repairs. This helps keep your cost down on the custom builds.

In this case, the Raleigh Redux 1 and 2 are our absolute favorite bikes to play with. Relaxed geometry - Road plus tires (27.5x1.9 aka 650x47), lots of room for a knobbier tread, easily mount a 700 road wheel. Looks and rides great with a riser mountain bar or an offroad drop bar. Feels right at home on the street, sidewalk, gravel, hardpack mtn trail and anywhere the cranks take you. Stock pricing starts at $499 with 1x8 drivetrain, mechanical disc brakes and its a beautiful blue color. The stock saddle also doesn't suck, so there's a plus :)

The only draw back we have found with the Raleigh Redux for a "universal" custom bike is since it can fit a 27.5 x 2.1, maybe 2.2 mtn tire in the back the largest chainring we can put up front is a 40t (maybe 42).

However, doing the gear math with the Cassette range we like to use - 11-46 11 speed and a 40t chainring up front your speed range is as follows 

@90RPM with the stock Road Plus Tires (pedals turning at 90 revolutions per minute, tires equivalent to a 700x30)

Easy (climbing aka granny) gear - 40-46 has a gear ratio of .87 and a climbing speed of 6.3MPH @90RPM (the steepest of climbs won't be an issue)

Fastest gear (top speed) - 40-11 has a gear ratio of 3.64 and a top speed of 26.1mph @90RPM

Which realistically this gear range will be perfect for most everyone and most every condition. You may top out going downhill at speed and run out of gears. 

Why ony 1 ring up front? It's simple.. that's why! But seriously, It is that simple. the simplicity of a 1x drivetrain is that it runs quieter, gives the range you need and removes the excess you don't. ever ride a bike with a wonky front derailleur? That nagging grinding away because you are in the wrong gear? with a 1x you are never in the wrong gear! It just simply works. And because it just works, you get to ride more!

We also do this for mountain bikes! However, to keep the price down the forks/rear shocks can be pretty cost prohibitive and not easy to re-sell a stock entry level fork in most cases so we don't change the fork on our build unless you want it. What we do provide is a sweet ride with a SRAM NX 1x Drivetrain (or your choice), Tubeless Ready at a price you love!

Check out the current builds we have built and sold recently - More to come!

$899 Gravel/Any Road bike in Blue
$960 Gravel/Any Road Bike Tubeless in Blue
$1099 Gravel/Any road bike Tubeless, Truvativ Crankset
$699 1x11 SRAM NX MTN Build - GT Aggressor Expert
$3000 Full suspension Quad Recumbent
$1500 Quad upgrade